Menstrual cup review

Now I am someone who has used tampons since I can remember. I was firmly decided they were the best method of period wear for me. Then I started looking more into sustainability and I realised how much tampons impacted the environment. The university of Kent released a statement recently that 200,000 tonnes of santiatry waste is produced each year in the united kingdom alone. That is an astonishing amount of waste.

I sat and thought to myself. Yes its great that I use a refill water bottle, metal straws and I try not to buy plastic wrapped produce. But the amount of plastic waste I produce during an average period quickly adds up. I started looking into different types of sustainable sanitary wear and some of them grossed me out more than others.

Theres reusable pads/tampons that you pop in your washing machine after use. While practical yes, the thought of something soaked in blood just sitting around until I put a load of washing on kind of grossed me out. That’s also the reason I turned down that chance of using period underwear. I then turned to the menstrual cup. It really appealed to me. It was simple to dispose of and easy to clean, plus many come with their own discreet carry case so you can have it on you at all times. I read reviews of loads of different brands before deciding on the Intima Lily Cup One.

Now when it arrived I boiled it up to sanitise and used it straight away. It took me about 10 minutes to properly insert it the first time as you have to make sure that it unfolds correctly. While this was a bit of a faff I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It was incredibly comfortable to wear and once it was in I completely forgot I was wearing it.

I emptied it twice a day in the shower, washed it out and it was good to go again. I only experienced two little leaks in it. One whilst doing a really heavy squat session- think I brace down too much rather than out. And the second when I put it in wrong. I seriously have found this so simple to use.

I feel like this simple little product has really impacted my life. It takes a lot of the anxiety out of my period, I feel cleaner and more consciously aware that I am having a positive impact on the environment by making this one simple choice.

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