What I eat in a day at uni

You think of a university student’s food and your mind tends to immediately think of pasta and beans. Now that is probably what most of my house mates diet consists of but being on a cut that is not exactly ideal. So I thought I’d do a blog post on what I eat whilst cutting.

My morning starts at around 7;15 and the first thing I have been doing is taking some apple cider vinegar with some warm water. Then I boil the kettle to make my morning coffee (which I have with two sweetener and a splash of milk). Breakfast consists of two boiled eggs on two crumpets with some tomatoes.

When I am busy my mid morning snack tends to be a piece of fruit which currently is a banana. Fruit is just so quick and easy to eat that it is perfect for on the go snacking.

Lunch this past week has been Italian style chicken with brown rice and pan fried veg. The veg of choice today was sprouts, green beans and kale. All the greens. So much health.

Generally around my lunch I will have either another coffee or a monster at the minute I’ve been drinking white monster in the afternoon.

Dinner consists of fajita style chicken with spinach peppers and onions. In a wrap with some lettuce and salad cream.

I am definitely an evening snacker so I try put off having my evening meal until later in the night so I’m not going to be hungry. But before bed I do like a little bit of supper. A myprotein baked cookie tends to hit the spot for me and settles my sweet tooth.

At the end of the day my calories are at 2200 and this will decrease over the next couple of months. Throughout the whole day I drink water or some sugar free squash because hydration. This does vary day to day but this was today’s food.

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