New Year new me?

I hear this phrase without a doubt every single year. Why is new year such a big deal? It’s just another day in the calendar. Another day to go about your life. I personally felt more motivated back in December to achieve my fitness goals than I do now, but whatever motivates people so be it! The only benefit of the new year is the sales on gym clothes and equipment (hello £8 kettlebell from Aldi). I have bought way too many leggings this past month but oh well.

Despite this there is a lot I want to achieve this year. I am ready to begin my cut and I am actually very excited, I’m planning on having a slow cut from now until August so I will keep you all updated on that as time progresses. I don’t really have a goal weight as I don’t really know what I weigh right now. I just know that I have worked hard this past year for the muscle I have put on so now it is time to show it off!

My next goal is to say yes more. My entire life I have said no to many opportunities in life. This year I want to take on every opportunity given to me. Whether this be for personal or professional growth I can’t wait to embrace all these new opportunities. This is the year I don’t let my anxiety dictate my future.

Plastic became really big in the news at the tail end of last year. And yes even I am working on cutting down my plastic. I have purchased a reusable metal straw from The Final Straw. This handy straw folds up and can attached to a key chain meaning that it can go with you wherever you go. Next I am increasing my use of naked products from lush. I was bought one of their shampoo bars for Christmas and I fell in love. I am looking into their other scents and also their naked shower gels. Just in general I am trying to use less plastic. Whether that be in the supermarket or just from my daily coffee, it is a big goal of mine this year.

I want to try more foods this year. Every week this year I want to try and make a recipe that I have never made before. This way I’m not only switching up my diet but I’m going to be enjoying cooking again. Plus if you’re like me cooking is incredibly relaxing after a long busy day.

So my goals this year seem quite small but they’re achievable. I am making small steps to even bigger goals that will be revealed in the future!

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