Living my best ish life

Living with your best mates seems like the best of ideas. Until you actually do it. I like to consider myself quite a patient person. Except I recently found out I am really not.

I can tell you now that I live with some characters. Quick fire question, how many kilos of cheese does one human being need. My house mate seems to think 5kgs is an appropriate amount to just have in the fridge. Oh and the 13 bottles of fanta he keeps in his room. Plus two 5 litre bottles of squash. That’s not the end of it. There is literally 30 tins of varied vegetables that he never eats in his cupboard.

Another of my flat mates has an unhealthy obsession with doctor who. If anything is broken you can trust him to be running around with one of his many sonic screwdrivers trying to fix the problem. Now you might think this may seem harmless and sweet, it can actually be quite annoying.

So as you can see I live in quite the mad house sometimes. So mad that some of us take to shaving our heads just because we can. Walking down to find your house mate with half a head of hair causes you to laugh in ways not normally deemed appropriate.

Student houses aren’t the best smelling places in the world. They’re generally really old houses with past damp problems. Do you know what makes this damp smell even worse. The smell of clothes that have been left in the washing machine for hours at a time. That is one smell you don’t want in your living room. No amount of air freshener seems to get rid of the smell of clothes going mouldy after stagnating in water.

Another perk of student housing is the lovely lack of ventilation in the kitchen areas. Yes this may be considered a health hazard. Even more so when smoked chicken is on the menu for tea. The smoked part is actually the smell of the sauce evaporating off the chicken. But be warned inhaling this dangerous substance will lead to coughing fits for hours to come.

I am actually quite a controlling person. I like things my way and when living with five others that certainly doesn’t happen. Compromise is something I have come to know very well but in some circumstances I really don’t like to budge on my stance. How hard is it to wash up dishes- just saying! We tend to do well on things like cleaning and what to watch on tv. Things like how loud the tv is and what is considered clean is not as easily decided.

We are quite good as a house in the sense that we divide the cleaning duties amongst ourselves. However living with boys has taught me that they don’t know how to clean to a standard that isn’t pure disgusting. After standing over them for a few hours watching them clean they finally have it up to my standards (most of the time).

So yeah as you can probably tell I lie in a bit of a crazy house sometimes. Team this with the ceiling caving in due to a leak, mice and god knows what else and you’ll be living my life.


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