Do I dislike the class or is it something else?

I don’t do many classes mainly because I just prefer to be alone with my own thoughts.

Recently I started going to spin once a week. Every Friday I go to spin for 45 minutes and I actually really enjoy it. So I thought I’d book on to another class during the week. Now I rocked up really excited for spin. Half an hour in and I was hating it. Not just hating it as in “wow I’m working so hard that I hate this”. Oh no, it was more the when will this finish, I’m so bored I don’t want to be here anymore.

I simply put this down to the instructor. She was different to what I’m used to. Her song choices were all one tempo, one speed and one style of spin. This really isn’t for me. I couldn’t find the energy in the class. No one was cheering and encouraging each other. It felt cold and hostile. I can honestly say I won’t be going back to that class anytime soon.

The same goes for classes I know I dislike but I love the instructor. I took bodypump every Saturday for nearly a year. It took me a year to realise, I hate it. The instructor however was so full of energy, so smiley and so welcoming that I was made to feel like I loved it. Even now that I don’t take the class I am still welcomed by those that do take it. That class is like a little community and that is something I think is so important in the fitness world.

So many people force themselves into classes and PT sessions that they really don’t enjoy. Whether they don’t feel welcome or there is no connection. But my real question is why waste money on that. Why waste money being unhappy and not enjoying the exercise that you’re doing. I know I would rather find an instructor or PT that I have a wonderful connection with than force myself into boring monotonous work.

The instructor is the class. The PT is the session. Make sure that you’re empowered by their energy and their passion.

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