A month ago I said I was going to get back into things and find my fitness mojo again. I had my plan written, my diet was on point. I was raring and ready to go. Suddenly an old back niggle flared up worse than it ever had before and stupid me thought I could train through it.

This was probably the stupidest mistake I could’ve made. It left me sat on the floor in near tears in pain and frustration. For the next week I grew more and more frustrated. I couldn’t put my shoes on without wanting to cry. Bending over to pick up my god kids was agonising. I’d gone from healthy and active to wanting to curl up and die.

Now being a sports rehab student I should have known better. So I did everything I could think of for back pain. I hot and cold compressed it, I stayed active but didn’t put strain on it (so essentially I just walked or swam), I stretched as far as I could but didn’t push myself past my limits, I even tried neural stretching. Nothing worked. I was still in pain with reduced mobility and I gave in and went to the doctors.

As per usual I wen to the doctors and they had no idea what was wrong. So I’m being referred to a specialist back physio. In the mean time I’m going to stay as active as possible, train upper body and keep my core strong. This back issue is definitely a setback in my summer goal of gaining strength but hey my long term health is more important to me right now.

It’s disheartening to not being doing what I want to be able to do. I know in the long term this is what is best for me but honestly it is really hard. I am battling with my mind on what’s best, I know resting is needed but I want to train so badly.

Setbacks happen all the time, you’ve just got to overcome them the best you can. Maintain a ositive mindset and know that in the long run it will make you stronger.

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