Food struggles

I recently went away for the weekend to see family and by some miracle the weather was glorious. Now for England this is incredibly rare. So of course we decided that beer gardens and BBQ’S were the only way forward. Now normally this would have sent me into meltdown mode. Lots of alcohol and food has never been a good mix for my mental health. For as long as I can remember I’ve always worried that I will binge eat and drink until I hate myself, only to spend the next week restricting what I ate and working out excessively.

This time I went away with a mind set that I would enjoy myself. I wanted some time to enjoy being with family. I drank what I wanted and I ate what I wanted. I honestly didn’t feel like I needed to binge at all. I only worked out once and I truly enjoyed myself. I drank cider all weekend rather than my normal lower calorie vodka and diet coke. I played tennis and badminton in the sun and just took time to relax. I ate food I enjoyed and I stayed up too late. There is nothing about this weekend that I regret, I came away feeling truly content.

Not once throughout the weekend did my body composition come across my mind. I didn’t sit and think about the calories in my food or how many calories I had consumed. A year ago that would have been all that was on my mind. It honestly felt like a weight off my shoulders to not have this constantly crossing my thoughts.

When I got home I took my measurements and other than some slight bloating I had not changed a bit. This was such a positive affirmation to me. It showed to me that having a good time wouldn’t effect my body as drastically as it did in my head. This experience as a whole just showed me how much my mental health has improved over the past year. I’m happy to say that I’m finally making progress in my mental health and I look forward to making more improvements in the near future.

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