Spring Cleaning

It’s finally spring. Yes despite the fact a month ago it was snowing, spring is officially here. The past few months have been horrible for me. I hate the colder darker months and during that time I feel l become such a hoarder of well, junk. I for one have definitely caught the spring cleaning bug and this week I am trying to completely declutter my life and get myself ready for the warmer (fingers crossed) months.

I’ve always been someone that has a lot of stuff. Not meaningful stuff. Just stuff that I once really liked but haven’t used or worn in a very long time. My wardrobe is the main place where all this stuff goes. I feel like I can sort through and donate clothes to charity three times a year but I still have so much stuff that I never wear. So generally that is my first port of call when I want to organise my life. I sit down and pull all my clothes out of the wardrobe. Anything I haven’t worn in months or I don’t have the urge to wear, gets put in a charity bag and sent off. Now generally this an take longer than a day simply because sometimes the decision between keep or bin is a hard one for me to make.

When I’ve finally done that I tackle my shelves. Once again I sort out what I use and what I don’t. Books I never read go to charity and the cycle repeats until I feel I have kept only what I need and use. Honestly this declutter feels amazing. Buy some fresh flowers and I feel like nothing could make me happier.

My other spring clean I am currently doing is cleaning up my mental and physical health. I spoke in my last post about losing who I was and what made me happy. So this week I’ve started fresh, I’m back in the gym and my diet is better than it was. I’m currently aiming to train four times a week. Those four times a week could be whenever I feel like it. Whether it be an evening rock climbing with my boyfriend or doing a spin class or simply just hitting the weights in the gym. I want to enjoy my exercise and not feel like it is a chore or something that I have to do. I’m following the same idea with my diet. It’s never going to be 100% “clean” and I am completely fine with that. I want to try new foods and fall in love with eating again.

I just feel like spring is the perfect fresh start and that’s what I am aiming for right now. Fresh.

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