My 2018 goals

I know it’s nearly the end of January but I am finally getting round to posting my goals for this year. This time last year my goals were “lose weight”, “get lean” and “be confident”. Now non of these did I actually manage to achieve as I simply was focusing on things I didn’t like about myself and I simply didn’t manage to change these. This year I made no revolutions I didn’t start a new diet in January and certainly have not said the words new year new me (at least not seriously).

This year I have goals I want to achieve that better me not belittle me.

My first goal is to try new things. I’ve been in a rut for a while now with my training and I want to try and find new things for me to do to switch it up. So far I have tried two new sports; Squash and Rock climbing.

Now squash I have discovered is quite difficult when you have no hand eye coordination. I seriously struggled to maintain a rally but I did thoroughly enjoy myself. It certainly is a cardio workout in itself without even realising it.

Now rock climbing was something I was hesitant about due to me having a fear of heights. However despite that I am actually quite good at it. Upper body strength certainly plays a part here as you are pulling yourself up literally by your arms. I really hope to try and go more throughout the year and hope that it will help develop my upper body strength further.

My next goal is to try and cook more. I really enjoy cooking and find it really relaxing plus I find it a nice way to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. So this year I want to try new recipes. I’ve got myself a little notebook that I’m writing down recipes in and I am aiming to make 1 new recipe a month minimum. Not only will this help me cook healthier foods and make sure that I’m getting the nutrients I need but it will also help me save money as I won’t be eating out as often.

That leads me onto my next goal. To save money. I honestly am awful at saving money and yes I will admit 90% of it goes towards food. I’m wanting to travel a bit more this year so want to be putting money towards a saving account so that I can afford to go places. I have plans to hopefully go to Berlin and I am definitely going to Cape Verde. So yes saving money is certainly a must this year.

I just generally want to enjoy this year more than last year and I’m hoping that these goals will help me to do so.

I’d love to hear what your goals for this year are and hopefully some of my future blog posts will help with them!


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