Favourite snacks!

I personally am a massive snack person. Ask anyone who knows me and they will say that I am someone who will always have some form of food in my bag or car. So, I thought I would share with you my favourite snacks for either at home or on the go.

My first go to snack on the go will always be dried fruit and my personal favourite is mango. A couple of pieces of dried mango really satisfies my sweet tooth and the bag fits nicely in my bag without taking up too much space.

Another dried fruit snack I really enjoy is banana chips, especially dipped in peanut butter. This snack is once again sweet enough for any cravings I have but the saltiness of the peanut butter balances this out.

Cereal bars are another great snack for on the go and my personal favourite are the Nature Valley protein bars in the peanut and chocolate flavour. These bars provide 10grams of protein per bar and I find are a good afternoon snack when either at work or driving around as they are quick and easy to eat.

Another snack I find easy to eat is that of spicy roasted broad beans. Now this one does take some preparation as the broad beans have to be prepared in advance. I boil the beans for 6-8 minutes before roasting them. Once they’re on the baking tray for roasting I mix them with a  mixture of cayenne, paprika, garlic salt, pepper, some sugar and coconut oil. Then I bake them for about 35  minutes or until dried out. Broad beans provide a source of protein as well as being high in magnesium and vitamin K and B6. These broad beans are great on their own or as an addition to salad.

Smoothies are such a versatile snack and are so easy to take on the go with you. Simply cut up any desired fruit such as mango, strawberries or bananas and freeze them. Then when you want a smoothie just pop them in a blender with some milk or fruit juice, maybe some yogurt and whatever other flavourings you want. Blend and you’re good to go! Smoothies can be made higher in protein through the addition of protein powders or more nutrient dense through the addition of supplements such as maca powders. My personal favourite smoothie is banana, coffee, chocolate protein powder, spinach and honey. Definitely one of the best snacks for early mornings.

Protein powder mixed through some Greek yogurt is something else I find myself snacking on quite often. Once again it is a very versatile snack as can be flavoured in many different ways. Personally I love chocolate protein powder with some frozen raspberries mixed through. Top with some honey and some cacao nibs and I am quite happy.

As a food loving person this is simply just a few of my favourite snacks and honestly I could list so many more. Hope you enjoyed and do let me know your favourite snacks!



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