Most people in life have had a hangover and honestly they are actual hell. Everyone has something that they claim helps cure or minimise the effects of hangovers. Personally I have only experienced one hangover in my life but it was nothing that some jam on toast and a nap couldn’t help me through.  Since then I have stuck to a routine of things I do before drinking that seem to help me not feel so crap the day after.

First things first I will always try and get a workout in before I go out. I feel that the endorphins really help keep me awake and ready for the night. Plus a workout ensures that I drink enough water. Drinking enough water throughout the day means that the alcohol doesn’t dehydrate me so severely. Alcohol decreases the bodies production of anti-diuretic hormones meaning the body can struggle to reabsorb water in the kidneys. This is also the reason why when you’ve consumed excess alcohol you have to pee a lot. Now most people recommend drinking water between alcoholic drinks but sometimes you just don’t even think about that. Personally I try and always leave a bottle of electrolyte containing drink such as Lucozade sport by my bed for when I get home, as well as a glass of water. Drinks like this help with electrolyte imbalances which can help minimise the effects of dehydration.

Food is my next big thing when I go out drinking. especially something full of carbs. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. I know if I don’t eat I cant stomach much at all. I love pizza or garlic bread before a night out I feel it really helps absorb all the liquid I go on to drink during the night. Once I start drinking I personally don’t like to eat but I know many friends who will always get food at the end of the night out to eat before they go to sleep. If I eat anything before I go to sleep it tends to be a banana with two paracetamol. My mum always told me from being really young that doing this after a night out drinking would help prevent hangovers and it was something that just stuck with me. Personally I don’t know but maybe potassium has some effect on the body that helps ease hangovers.

The morning after my mouth is always so dry so the first thing I do is chug down some water and take a multi-vitamin. Once I feel I’ve drunk enough water I then go on the hunt for food. Now after I night out I rarely have the willpower to turn down a McDonalds breakfast. So yes I will eat a sausage egg bagel and some coffee and yes I love every mouthful of it. However after that I tend to go on the hunt for something full of vitamins. For me I tend to go for a green juice of some sort. This is all personal preference due to me always coming down with a cold after a night out. So I feel that flooding my body with vitamins to try and boost my immune system in the hopes of preventing the onset of illness.

Now something that isn’t necessarily part of a hangover but is definitely a consequence of all the alcohol, makeup and sweat. Spots. If I don’t properly wash and cleanse my face the day after I’ve been out drinking then I break out in so many spots. So the day after I’ve been drinking I will do a face mask and properly clean out my pores.

So those are my few routines that I believe stop any true hangover settling in. I’d love to here what you guys swear by for your hangover cures.

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