Body Positivity Movement

This post may be seen as quite controversial but I am no means bashing the confidence of those participating in the body positivity movement.

Anyone who has social media will probably have seen some form of the body positivity movement. Plus sizes models are praised for loving themselves, girls putting on weight are showing that being heavier isn’t something bad, stretch marks and stomach rolls are shown to be the accepted thing. On one hand this does show a movement in our modern society away from the idea that skinny is the desired form but is it really as positive as it makes out to be?

I feel like I can go on Facebook and within a few minutes see a video about a plus size model breaking down boundaries to do what she loves. Now I have no problem with people loving the skin they’re in and being confident with how their body is. However, you have to question the health of these individuals. Some of these models are considered clinically obese and you don’t have to be a doctor to realise that can be detrimental to your health. I understand that this branch of modelling is actually representative of society, with 70% of adults being considered overweight/obese, and that it is an attempt to move media away from the so called harmful images of incredibly thin models. The question now is whether we are contributing more to the normalisation that it is fine to be overweight. Keep in mind I am not talking about those who are just considered a bit chubby but those who’s weight would impact their health. Obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle in my opinion is not something that should be represented as being a positive thing when it has such big implications on the populations health. Obesity is an issue that in our society needs to be tackled and whilst this movement shows a diversity in the media I worry that it could lead to the acceptance and possible increase of obesity in the population, particularly children.

Now that isn’t my only gripe with this movement. I myself following many fitness personalities on Instagram and twitter have seen an increase in these “real life” pictures, where those with normally flat stomachs when stood up show that sat down in bad lighting they too have stomach roles. Now yes I understand that everyone is human and yes everyone does have stretch marks and stomach roles. Yes I understand that for people who normally thrive from perceiving their bodies and beautiful and successful that showing their flaws is an act of confidence that is admirable. Once again however there is just something about it that grinds my gears. Maybe its that the movement promotes an acceptance of these so called flaws and maybe this outright public acceptance, physically pointing it out, suggests that whilst there may be acceptance there is still also a fixation on the flaws. Every member of the population is different and every single human being on this planet has flaws that can be seen as imperfections in today’s society. In my mind I feel that pointing them out to your thousands of followers is not accepting them at all, acceptance would be posting that picture without pointing out the cellulite or stretch marks or stomach rolls.

Quite possibly it is societal norm to point out imperfections before someone else can point it out for us. This may be what I find bothering about the movement as I see it as still criticising our bodies by pointing out the flaws so others wont. Maybe it is not the movement itself that bothers me but the flaw in our generation that we need to point out others imperfections. Please keep in mind that I have uttermost respect for anyone who shows such levels of confidence that they would outright portray their bodies for what they truly are. I just feel that we need to still carry on working towards promoting a healthy ideal of the human body whatever that may be.

I would really love to hear what you guys have to say about anything I have touched on in this post.

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