Cancer Research UK-Pretty Muddy 2017

I recently took part in Cancer Research UK’s Pretty Muddy event and honestly I loved every single minute of it. The 5k obstacle course certainly left me covered in mud from head to toe and I would not have had it any other way. Each obstacle left me and my friends, as well as everyone else, laughing amidst screams as the cold mud and water got everywhere. When I say everywhere I truly mean everywhere, hair, face, soaking through my leggings, everywhere! I went not only to raise money for the incredible charity but to support my best friend who unfortunately lost her mum when she was young. I couldn’t be more proud of her and the thousands of other women running to raise money in memory of loved lost ones. The whole event felt incredibly empowering, every single woman there had a certain encouraging energy, everyone cheering each other on. To me this was amazing, all these women had come together to celebrate lives saved, souls lost and lives yet to be saved. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful display of female empowerment than what I saw at this event. I myself am not a runner but the 5k course seemed to fly by with the motivating atmosphere that existed in the park that day. Every couple hundred metres there was a new obstacle. The variety of obstacles was great from slides into mud pools to kids bouncy hoppers. No one was forced into doing an obstacle that they didn’t want to do but majority of people were thoroughly enjoying getting down and dirty with every obstacle. Thankfully we had a lovely warm day which meant that the mud dried very quickly. However despite being covered in mud I still managed to get sunburnt leaving me with the most random shaped sunburn patches I think I’ve ever had.

Crossing the finish line, holding the hands of my two best friends, was the best feeling I could ever imagine. Hot, sweaty and out of breath we were all handed a medal and a bottle of water. In all honesty I saw more people using the water to wash themselves off rather than drink it but the thought was there. Afterwards we lay on the grass in the sun enjoying the music and watching others crossing the finish line just enjoying the atmosphere of the day. There was not a sad face to be seen, everyone was smiling and happy which is what I definitely feel the event was about.

Overall I had an utterly amazing time and will definitely be signing up again for next year. As a team of three we raised over £1000 and I just wanted to thank my two best friends for being incredibly motivating throughout the whole thing, not being great runners we succeeded with our motivational skills. It was a beautiful feeling to do something in memory of someone so close to my best friends heart and I know that her mum and everyone else we have lost to this horrible disease is looking down in pride.

If any of you guys have taken part in anything similar I’d love to hear about it and to find out about any pretty muddy events near your head to

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