Allergy Season

It is now finally summer, warm weather and long nights galore. However along with that comes hay-fever and allergies for nearly 13 million people in the UK. Personally I suffer really badly with hay-fever, feeling awful for  most of the summer. I suffer worst with my eyes and nose which ultimately leads to me having a near constant headache if I don’t try and alleviate the symptoms. I thought I’d do a blog post on how I deal with my symptoms and what I use to help with them.

Personally as soon as he pollen count is getting high I start having a teaspoon of local honey every day. Local honey is made from the pollen in your local area and I find that it helps me build up some form of immunity to some of the pollen. I take this everyday in some hot water with lemon. I don’t know if there is any research to support this being a treatment for hay-fever or whether it has a placebo affect but I swear by it to help me throughout summer.

I have a prescribed eye drops that I use up to 4 times daily. If you suffer with itchy eyes constantly as a side effect of your allergies I would recommend going to see your doctor about possibly getting some eye drops.

Tablets wise I have tried many throughout the years. Generally I find just a simple antihistamine from a local pharmacy to be fine. However I have found a more natural tablet that has also helped but without the side effects of drowsiness. A. Vogal, Pollinosan hayfever tablets are a homeopathic medicine so contain minute quantities of different plant pollens to help subdue symptoms of hayfever. I find that these take about a week to have any effect but they nearly get rid of all the symptoms I have. I have used these for the past few years but this year I have found myself coming out in a rash from them so had to stop. They’re more expensive than just your normal allergy tablets but I would recommend then if you are looking for a more natural medication.

Finally I use a nasal spray to form a protective barrier from the pollen. I use prevalin allergy fast acting nasal spray. Now nasal sprays are definitely not for everyone, having a gel like fluid injected into your nose four times a day can be extremely uncomfortable. However, it does really help and means I’m not spending most of my day sneezing everywhere.

I’d love to know if any of you guys suffer with hayfever or allergies and if you do how you combat that.


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