Monthly goals

I know it’s like half way through May but I thought I’d post my monthly goals. This month my goals aren’t necessarily fitness focused but more lifestyle focused. I thought I would share these with you guys to show you what I’m focusing on this month.

My first goal is centred around the fact recently I’ve been very stressed and as a result I have been getting ill. I am trying to make it my goal to spend ten minutes everyday meditating. Meditating is a great way for me to clear my mind and just take time out from my hectic day. As I’m relatively new to meditating I have been using the Insight Timer app to help guide me through and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 12 days into May and I’m actually starting to look forward to my ten minutes a day. I haven’t been successful in meditating everyday but the days I have, I feel I have slept better. So hopefully I will be able to get into the daily habit throughout the rest of the month.

My second monthly goal is to try and keep tidy. I mean my room in a nutshell. I’ve found that the more stressed I am the messier my room has got. I know that when I’m stressed being in a messy environment just makes me more stressed. Then I get into a cycle of being stressed, making a mess and getting more stressed. Yet essentially I’m too lazy and don’t tidy it. So every Saturday I’ve decided that I am spending half an hour of my day to just sit and tidy up. Yes only tidying once a week has meant that by Wednesday my room does tend to be a bit messy again. However it is no where near as bad as it has been in previous months. So far I have stuck to tidying once a week and I have enjoyed clearing space for myself to work. It’s almost like physically clearing my room clears my mind ready for the new week.

VITAMINS. Yes, my third goal is to take my daily vitamins. Despite having a relatively balanced diet, I still struggle most days to get all the vitamins I need. I often feel tired and get ill really easily. So, I know that taking my multivitamin and omega 3 supplement will help me with this. I have been taking both for nearly three months but I am incredibly forgetful and would end up having days where I wouldn’t take any at all. This one has been hard for me to stick to but I have managed to take my vitamin everyday with my breakfast and I have noticed a change in my energy levels again. Fingers crossed I can stick to this one and see further improvements to my health.

One thing I have actually managed to stick to so far for the entire month is stretching. Stretching for me has become a part of my evening routine and has helped me wind down for bed every night. Personally for me incorporating daily stretching has had many benefits. I don’t feel as sore after workouts anymore, my joints don’t click as much when I move and for the first time in years I can touch my toes with ease. I have a background of gymnastics so used to be really flexible. However after a knee injury a few years ago I lost a lot of hamstring flexibility. It is nice to be able to see the flexibility returning and I am making it a long term goal (by the end of the year) to be able to do the splits again.

Skincare has also been incorporated into my daily routine as part of my monthly goals. My skin is naturally very dry and I feel that sweating makes this worse. Every evening I have been moisturising and really focusing on looking after my skin. I’m noticing a great change in my skin with a lot of my dry patches nearly disappearing.  Not having to worry about my dry skin has actually made me more confident and feel better about myself. So not only does moisturising help my skin it is helping my confidence as well.

My only gym goal this month is to improve on my bench press. It has always been my weakest lift and I seem to put the blame on having weak shoulders. They move out of the socket sometimes and I feel this has become a mental barrier to lifting what I am capable of. I am therefore making a conscious effort to push past this mental block and just go out there and lift heavier weights for chest. I’ve been working on shoulder strength and flexibility alongside this to help over come this barrier. So far I’ve not been able to push past 25kgs but the determination is there and hopefully that number will go up by the end of the month.

There we have it, my monthly goals. I would love to know what some of your goals are. Whether it be weekly, monthly or a lifetime goal!

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