First blog post- The start of something great (hopefully!)

Hello beautiful people!

I have ventured into the world of blogging at long last. I feel this is something I have wanted to do for a long time but have never had the confidence to follow through. The reason for this is I simply felt there was not enough for me to talk about. So, I sat and thought long and hard about what I enjoy and what makes me happy in life. Then I had to think about if others would find the same things interesting as me or at least interesting enough to read a blog about it. Upon realising that my dog was not an apt subject for my blog (however will undoubtedly be making appearances) I began to look towards my second passion in life, fitness.

Fitness for me has slowly taken over the last five years of my life. At 14 I decided I was unhappy with my body and at 16 stone who could blame me. I was a relatively active child, it was my high junk food diet that had caused me to pile on the weight. The years of bullying due to my size got to me and I decided enough was enough.

I turned my life around, working out and eating a diet based mainly off whole foods. Slowly I started to see a change in not only how I looked but how I felt. Before too long walking up a flight of stairs didn’t have me gasping for breath like it used to.

At some point along the line something that started out as tedious, almost chore like, became a passion. It has influenced my life that much that I have changed my entire life plans based around it, going as far as to study sports rehabilitation at university.

Along this journey I learnt many things and many ways of making the so-called healthy life more exciting. Whether this was through creating my own recipes or working on my mental health, I found ways that worked for me.

Which brings me to the point of this entire post……to tell you guys about the contents of my blog. This blog is a platform for me to share my tips and tricks for not only healthy foods but for organisation and a positive mentality.

So look forward to snacks and day planners galore, coming very soon!





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