It’s Okay to Not be Okay

This week is mental health awareness week and this is something that is honestly very close to my heart. I for years have suffered with mental health problems and so have many of the people around me. I first remember having anxiety at around 10 years of age. I was overweight and badly bullied for it.  Going anywhere that I thought people would look at … Continue reading It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Spring Cleaning

It’s finally spring. Yes despite the fact a month ago it was snowing, spring is officially here. The past few months have been horrible for me. I hate the colder darker months and during that time I feel l become such a hoarder of well, junk. I for one have definitely caught the spring cleaning bug and this week I am trying to completely declutter … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Lets Talk Mental Health

Mental health is something incredibly close to my heart with a large majority of the people I hold close suffering in one way or another. I wanted to write down my thoughts on the topic, my own experiences and how I feel.  I myself have suffered from anxiety from a very young age. I had noticed the anxious feelings but due to my parents I … Continue reading Lets Talk Mental Health